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The Outstanding Excellence of the Cy-Fair Clinic

Safe, cost-effective health care is what patients deserve, and this is exactly what the Cy-Fair medical clinic strives to provide. Having the best and the safest medical care possible is their commitment to high-quality medical attention.

Not only does the medical clinic look at enhancing the overall quality and productivity of their delivery care process, but they use targeted initiatives to ensure that all areas of care are at their peak performing rates. This includes: patient safety, nursing practices, medical staff governance, and bedside quality care.

The Cy-Fair medical clinic has four different sets of initiatives designed at addressing issues surrounding patients, physicians, nursing and delivery of care. These initiatives consist of:

  • Delivery of Care: This has been designed to promote the improvement of care delivery throughout the clinic. All activities are studied, and operational improvements are then made in order to prevent delays, and enhance patient satisfaction.
  • Nursing excellence: This was implemented to improve the practice of nurses through resources and leadership. This initiative ensures high clinical quality through excellent nursing practices.
  • Physician excellence: This has been designed around creating standard policies and procedures that govern the medical staff. It looks at improving the staff structure, the quality of care, the documentation, and patient safety.
  • Patient Safety: Places a focus on creating systems that improve the safety of clinical care of patients. It also improves the reporting systems, improves the processes used for communication and builds systems for better leadership management.