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Finding a New Doctor for Your Child

Getting your children the best medical care in your local area is a top priority for you and for every parent. Not only do parents do this for the benefit of their children’s comfort, but they also want to ensure that they’re receiving nothing but the best when it comes to providing for a child’s health.

There are many doctors in CyFair, TX that can offer you their experience in caring for your children, but you should keep a few important things in mind when trying to find a new doctor for your kids.

Get Their Opinion
While you’re not going to base your entire decision on whatever your children want, getting their opinions on the idea can help you make a choice that will allow them to feel involved.

Asking simple questions on what would make them feel the most comfortable will allow every visit to the doctor to go quick and easy. Do they want a male or female doctor? Are they more comfortable in a big building or a small building? Small things like this can make your child’s experience great or difficult.

Do a Meet and Greet
Doctors are very busy individuals, but when it comes to their patients, many of them are willing to go the extra mile. Taking your children to meet the doctor is a wonderful way to break the ice and allow them to see how comfortable they feel with a doctor.

Even just a few minutes with a doctor can show your child that he or she is going to treat them kindly and with respect, ensuring that they feel safe and confident during every visit.

Many children struggle with visiting the doctor because they are nervous or afraid, but once they realize how easy and quick each appointment will go, they will begin to feel better about every visit.

What Happens During an Annual Physical Appointment?

Everyone should go in for a physical examination with a family doctor once per year. While you may not necessarily notice any specific signs or symptoms of anything wrong, your physician will help to ensure that your health is maintained.

There are plenty of things that doctors in CyFair TX will check for during your physical examination. The basics of an annual exam will include the following:

Health history. This offers you the opportunity to discuss anything that may be bothering you, or that you’ve noticed has changed over the recent past. Your door will also ask you questions about your lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise, sexual health, and diet. Your vaccine status may also be checked.

Vital signs. Some of the basic vital signs that will be checked include:

  • Blood pressure — normal is considered less than 120 over 80
  • Heart rate — normal values should be between 60 and 100
  • Temperature — 98.6 degrees F is the average
  • Overall appearance

Heart exam. Your doctor will listen to your heart using a stethoscope, during which any irregular heartbeat, heart murmur, or other signs of heart disease may be identified.

Lung exam. With a stethoscope, your physician will listen for any crackling, wheezing, or lowered breath sounds, which could point to heart or lung disease.

Head and neck exam. Your doctor will check your tonsils and throat, as well as your ears, nose, eyes, sinuses, lymph nodes, and thyroid.

Abdominal exam. Your physician may use a variety of exam methods, such as pressing on your abdomen to identify liver size and any presence of abdominal fluid, listening to your bowel for certain sounds using a stethoscope, and tapping for tenderness.

Dermatological exam. Any abnormal moles may be identified that could warrant further examination.

Male physical exam. For males, additional exams may include a testicular exam, a hernia exam, or a prostate exam.

Female physical exam. For women, additional exams may include a breast exam, a pelvic exam, and a pap test.

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