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Treatment Options: Stop Suffering From Chronic Pain

If you are suffering from any form of chronic pain, then visiting a Houston pain clinic within the CyFair Medical Partners network is a must. There are options out there that can be used as treatment plans to help reduce how much pain you feel on a daily basis. Plus, you may not have to take more medications than what you already are as there are plenty of options that don’t require medication.

Types of Treatments for Chronic Pain
There are both oral and topical therapies. Oral medications will include medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen, to name a few. For topical treatments there are ointments, or patches that you can put right onto the painful area where an active drug will be released to reduce the amount of pain.

Finally, if more invasive measures are an option for you, a Houston pain clinic may recommend interventional techniques such as trigger point injections. You can get epidural injections for pain around the neck radiating to the arm, or back radiating to the legs. Or you can get facet injections that help with joint pain due to arthritis in the back.

To learn more about which pain management strategies may work best for you, contact the staff at CyFair Medical Partners today.