Knowing When to Start Looking for a New Gynecologist

For women who have had a regular gynecologist over the years may never wonder whether their OB-GYN is right for them due to the amount of time that they have spent with that particular doctor over the years. However, just because you have been with a particular doctor for a while doesn’t necessarily always mean that they are the right one for you.

It is important to always reassess your doctors throughout the years to ensure that your needs are still being met. For women who are currently looking for a new Cypress gynecologist, here are some tips that may benefit you:

  • Take a look at the gynecologist’s values. It is very important that when deciding on whether to stay with an old gynecologist, or determining whether you should go with a new one, that you talk about pap smears, birth control, and pregnancy. By having this type of talk, you can decide whether or not their values surrounding those topics are similar to yours. If they differ, then you may need to find a new OB-GYN or move on from your old one.
  • How long do they spend with you? Although it may be nice to book an appointment, get in there, and get out as fast as possible, but when it comes to pregnancies and giving birth, those short appointments may not be enough time. If you determine that the time you are given isn’t enough, you need to either ask for a time extension or find a new doctor that can allot the time you need.

Finally, if your gynecologist doesn’t have a back-up network, this can make it rough on the patients. You want to make sure that the gynecologist of your choice has a network of partners that can take on their patients when they simply cannot. If this is not the case with your OB-GYN, then you may want to consider searching for a new one as you don’t want to have appointments canceled or missed when you are concerned about your pregnancy or overall health.