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The Right Houston Pediatrics Team for Your Children

As the new school year draws near, parents in the Houston area are getting their children ready for another safe and healthy school year. With the Houston pediatrics services offered by Cy Fair Medical Partners, you can schedule your child’s back-to-school wellness visit.

The Houston pediatrics team at Cy Fair encourages regular visits and routine check-ups. Before starting school, your child may need to receive specific immunizations, depending on their age. We will provide the necessary immunizations during your child’s visit as to comply with the immunization requirements put in place by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Additionally, we provide physicals for school sports and other activities requiring a physical exam beforehand.

Not only do we provide health care for required reasons, but we can treat the unexpected, too. For example, we will treat minor lacerations and minor injuries that your child may experience. This also covers acute care for illnesses like ear infections, sore throats and other cold/flu symptoms.

Whether you’re looking to ensure your child is set with the immunizations required to enter a new school year, or you simply want to have the best quality of care provided for your children should they come home from school with illnesses acquired from others, let us be the Houston pediatrics team you choose. We are committed to delivering the appropriate comprehensive care in a timely manner.

Start the new school year off right, with a visit to Cy Fair Medical Partners!